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Bestdatinghelp com

Baker then takes things up a notch to a trans personal level.She offers us an understanding of why we do some of the crazy things we do to seek love, followed up with ideas on how to regain our sanity!

Bragging Rights: In your face Jenna Mourey is better known as Jenna Marbles, a vulgar, in-your-face You Tube hottie who consistently pulls in millions of views. Armed with a bachelor’s in psychology, Marbles is not afraid to tell the truth.After suffering through years of unsuccessful blind dates, meet and greets and internet dating, Marion Baker was still single in her mid-forties and at her wits end. Baker takes a subject near and dear to our hearts and puts a new spin on an age old dilemma.She was fed up with packing her last remnants of dignity to leave yet another failed relationship. How do we dance with the mystery of love and not get caught up in the fairy-tale fantasies of our youth?Social Clout: 113,293 You Tube subscribers, 12,363 likes URL: Wing Girls/ Bragging Rights: Bending the rules Once voted “least likely to get a girlfriend” at school, Adam Lyons is a self-described pickup artist and dating coach.This You Tube channel is free of over-the-top gimmicks.

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Social Clout: 689,922 You Tube subscribers, 26,700 followers URL: Pickup/ Bragging Rights: Dating made easy A dating coach based in Los Angeles, Tripp has mastered the art of engaging others in social situations.

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